Hello Little Honey's Potty Training Tips

Hello Little Honey's Potty Training Tips

When to start: As parents we can get antsy to be done with changing diapers, but it is important to start potty training when your child is showing signs that they are ready. Some of these signs may include, when your child is staying dry for longer periods, asking to sit on the toilet, noticing that they need to go to the bathroom, being aware of the fact that they just went in their diaper or wanting to try wearing underwear.

Be a Model: It might feel odd, but let your child come into the bathroom with you so that you can show your child how to use the potty. You can explain what they need to do so they can mimic you. You can have their little potty next to the adult toilet so that they can practice with you.

Get prepared: Get a child-sized potty chair or a seat insert for the regular toilet.  These seats make it so much easier for tiny tushies to sit comfortably on an adult toilet. You may want to buy a stool as well to place in front of the toilet so your kiddo can climb on all by themselves.

Prepare for traveling: Have a child size potty in the car for the times when getting to a bathroom is challenging.  Purchase a car seat protector in case of an accident in the car seat. There are also great foldable potty seats that can be used on hikes, at the park, at the mall, etc. (see Hello Little Honey’s recommended products). Flushable wipes are great to have around as well. 

Make a Routine: On a regular schedule, have your child try to go on the potty.  For example, you may want to have them try to go before getting in the car, taking a nap time, going to bed time. A predictable routine will help set our youngsters up for success. 

Double Make the Child’s Bed: To help with nap time or night time accidents, be sure to “double make” your child’s bed.  Put a waterproof mattress cover, sheet, and then another waterproof mattress cover and sheet.  This way, if there is a nighttime accident, it is easy to pull off the soiled linens and you already have a fresh set underneath.

Encouragement: Celebrate each success with a Hello Little Honey Star Jar, praise, and small rewards. Stay positive and encourage your child to keep trying….accidents happened. 

Clothing Choices: Make sure to think about what clothes your child is wearing while starting to potty train. Choose outfits that are easy for your child to take off quickly and easily. Be sure to pack a few extra outfits when out and about.

“Big Kid” Underwear:  Let your child pick out their “big kid” underwear.  There are adorable patterns and characters that can create excitement for the transition.  

Keep practicing: Many times little ones only feel that they need to go when it is “an emergency”. Encourage your child to sit on the potty regularly, even if they don't need to go to avoid these “emergency” situations. 

Have Fun: Make potty time more fun by using books, games, stickers, songs during potty time. For little boys, it can be fun to practice aiming by placing Cheerios in the potty with the goal to sink them. 

Stay Consistent and Positive:  Be sure to stay consistent and stick to your potty training routine as much as possible whether you are at home, out on the town or traveling.  Stay positive and encouraging.  It is easy for kids to develop anxiety about potty training which can set kids back or create other problems.

You got this! We believe in you and your child!

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