Make Summer Reading FUN!

Make Summer Reading FUN!

I don't know about you, but sometimes when I think about making sure that I regularly read with my kids over the summer, my brain automatically thinks “how can I fit this into our busy summer schedule and how can I make this fun and exciting for my kiddos where it doesn't feel like a chore.” It definitely isn’t always easy to fit it in, but continuing to read regularly with your kids over the summer is really important and worth making a priority. Reading consistently helps combat the “summer slide” and can significantly benefit children's long term academic and personal growth.  Here are just a few of the MANY reasons why it is so important to make reading with your kids part of your summertime routine:


  1. Reading helps improve vocabulary, comprehension, critical thinking and overall literacy skills. Every word and every book counts!
  2. Many times during the school year, kids are assigned particular books to read.  Summer reading allows kids an opportunity to choose their own books that excites and interest them.   Reading books they love can help them develop a lifetime love for reading and learning. 
  3. Reading allows kids to grow their imagination and exposes them to new topics, cultures and perspectives.
  4. Reading with your kids regularly, helps them to develop longer and longer attention spans and better focus.
  5. Reading assists kids in learning to empathize and understand different perspectives, growing their emotional intelligence and empathy.
  6. It is important to support your kids by reading year round because it helps them to return to school energized and ready to learn. 
  7. Reading together provides cherished bonding time and allows for more family conversations and excitement about a shared experience. 


So, now that we agree how important it is for kids to continue to read over the summer, let's talk about how to make it FUN! Luckily, there are many awesome ways to incorporate reading into your summer schedule that won't feel like it is a chore.  Here are just a few ideas:


  1. Have your kids create a summer reading challenge and set reading goals. When your kiddo completes a challenge, let them pick their favorite summer activity as a reward (e.g. a trip to the water park, museum or zoo).  The Star Jar is a great, tangible way to keep track of kiddos reading goals.  
  2. Audio books are amazing!  Use your time commuting to share a story together!  Audio books are SO beneficial for kids listening comprehension, imagination building, vocabulary, and word recognition skills. Many audio books have engaging sounds and voices to enhance the reading experience and help kiddos to be even more engaged. 
  3. Choose interesting themes (e.g., dragons, history, animals, science) and read books in that genre. You can also watch related movies/shows and do fun activities that fit in that theme.
  4. Start a book club with your child and their friends. Make it a fun playdate with snacks and activities after the kids chat about the book.
  5. Read in a fun place! For example, in a hammock, by a stream or river, at a park, beach, or even in the backyard.
  6. Add crafts into the mix. Draw or paint pictures of scenes from the book or act them out with homemade puppets.  
  7. Have your child read out loud to their pets.  Your child will love animal snuggles and appreciate a furry ear that loves to listen to them read.
  8. Make reading at bedtime part of your nightly routine. Choose a book series to read a chapter together from it each night.  This allows for quiet bonding time, snuggles and it creates excitement for heading to bed each night.


Happy reading!!  Here are just a few of our favorite books if you need help getting started. 


Hello Little Honey’s Favorite Books


Picture Books:

Rainbow Fish

The Pout Pout Fish

My Big Dog

Giraffes Can't Dance

The Day the Crayons Quit

Ada Twist, Scientist 

Dragons Love Tacos

The Book with No Pictures 

Ordinary People Who Changed the World



Owl Diaries

Princess in Black

Magic Tree House

The Kingdom of Wrenly

Geronimo Stilton 

Pip Bartlett

Whatever After


Middle School: 

The Hotel Between

Harry Potter

The One and Only Ivan

Land of Stories

I Survived

The Unwanteds

Ender’s Game

Wings of Fire

Percy Jackson

Keeper of the Lost Cities

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